AWS Rotate IAM Keys - Automatically set up a cron job to rotate your IAM keys for your profiles every morning.
   Geth Cloudformation Script - The Airswap implementation of Geth clustering in a CloudFormation script
   Assume Role Orb - Install the AWS CLI and assume the passed in role based on passed in environment variables
   Datadog Deploy Event Orb - Raise a CircleCI event to Datadog upon a successful job
   Kubernetes Deployment Orb - Apply kube file to k8s setup using kops
   Serverless Deployment Orb - Install and deploy a serverless website, including a custom domain


   Datadog DASH 2020 - A framework for productizing your infrastructure team's offerings to internal developer teams
   Devcon4 Geth Talk - Sharing how AirSwap set up their Geth nodes for production scale